Blind Taste Test Essay

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Prepared for: Ma’am Maliha Sameeni University of Education Bank Road Campus, Lahore. Prepared by: Minal Gull Aneeqa Noor Ayesha Siddiqui Aqsa Liaqat Sadia Javaid Rimsha Sarwar


Letter of Acknowledgement
18th December 2014 Dear Ma’am Maliha Sameeni We have completed the report on Blind Taste Analysis that you assigned us. This report contains details on the comparison and the brand recognition and recall value of Knorr noodles, Maggi and Shan Shoop. The report consists on findings, data analysis and full discussion about Blind Taste test. We are so thankful to you for providing us the opportunity to work on this wonderful project and we came to know about so many
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Half of respondents did not show much loyalty.
Maggi was the purchase alternative for their favorite brand. Knorr was 2nd choice for Maggi lovers. Knorr was first choice of most respondents. Maggi was 2nd and Shoop was 3rdchoice for those, who opted Knorr as their first choice.

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Results showed that Shoop was liked by most respondents on basis of taste followed by Knorr and Maggi Most respondents liked the taste of their blind test choice. Some liked the flavor and aftertaste was liked by least. Respondents who chose Knorr as their post-test choice were able to recognize it. Overall brand recognition was low for 3 of these brands.
Respondents showed average brand loyalty.

Only about 45% of the respondent’s pre-test and post-test choices matched.


Table of Contents
Introduction______________________________________________________6 Research objectives _______________________________________________7 Methodology of data collection ____________________________________7 Bias Control ______________________________________________________7 Tabulation procedure _____________________________________________8 Presentation and interpretation of results___________________________9 Pre-test analysis ___________________________________________________9 Post-test analysis __________________________________________________17 Conclusion ________________________________________________________21 Exhibit A

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