Bis 220 Final Paper

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Wireless Technologies Proposal Keshia Smith, Joshua Crouch, Amber Kelly, JaLynn Coombs
BIS 220
January 16, 2012
Michael Chu

Wireless Technologies Proposal Mobile computing and mobile commerce in addition to a traditional computer system is what Party Plates will use to house information for the company at one location that could be accessible by a wireless device as well. If Party Plates want their services readily available, convenient to their customers, and to remain productive; then they may consider the use of wireless devices to compete with other businesses that supply the same services. Mobile services allow Party Plates as well as their customers to access information real-time while connecting from mobile devices and
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So we would need to make sure it is secure at all times. Another downside would be if we were conducting business via a smart phone when we were traveling in our car. Many states have laws about talking or texting on the phone while driving and it is in itself a dangerous habit to get into. We would want to set a priority with our employees that this practice is not done because of the risks associated with it.

As time goes on, technology becomes more and more advanced, and as such businesses must prepare themselves for growth in today’s fast-paced world. This is why Party Plates is adding mobile computing and mobile commerce. With the IPad, smartphones, and blackberries, businesses can stay connected and take care of orders from anywhere. With this exciting development for us here at Party Plates, there are several risks associated with the use of wireless technologies. One of the first and most common risks is giving employees use of these mobile devices and the employees using this technology while operating a vehicle, which is now against the law. Another risk is an employee accidentally entering the wrong order, because of the touchscreen nature of these smartphones. However, these risks are small compared to the incredible advantages of allowing customers to order with our sales people on the spot, and directly send that order to our supplier. Having this technology at our disposal will allow our orders to be approved more quickly, as well

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