Essay about Biblical Counseling And The True Gospel

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The true gospel, for all who are saved, it is the epitome of graciousness and joy in our lives. For those who are lost in darkness, a false gospel they have chosen blinds their eyes. And this where biblical counseling and the true gospel intersect. When a person chooses a gospel to believe in, he or she is choosing to define what he or she sees as needs, how those needs will be met in their life and the way in which he or she can go about having those needs met. This is called confessional theology. Therefore, if all have a gospel, then they must exercise faith in it. How a person seeks to live out their confessional theology is called their functional theology. A person’s functional theology, if he or she is saved, can say quite a bit about his or her walk with Christ. Both of these principles taken together help a biblical counselor to better answer the question of, “Why do people do what they do?” Going deeper at this point is only possible by understanding a person’s confessional theology and how he or she lives out that confessional theology in his or her functional theology. It is important to remember, though, that you are dealing with a human being, created in the image of God. Proper methodology that shows the counselor cares is imperative. These principles can be seen biblically through a quick overview of the book of Ephesians. Coming to the realization that everyone believes in a gospel is crucial to counseling biblically. To have a more in-depth understanding of…

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