Differences Of Nouthetic And Integrative Counseling

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Differences of Nouthetic and Integrative Counseling The field of psychology has been divided many times into many different schools of thought and even in Christian counseling these differences in opinion still come forth. The two sides to Christian counseling are Nouthetic/traditional counseling and Integrative counseling. Nouthetic just focuses on using the New Testament and the Old Testament together to teach people and to try and help them with any issues. Integrative counseling not only uses the scriptures but also various secular methods to try and help people with their psychological issues. There are three main topics to discuss involving these two forms of therapy. First would be what Nouthetic counseling is and discussing the ideals to increase understanding. Second would be discussing what Integrative counseling is and how its …show more content…
There are very general ideals that can be taken from both the bible and the new testament which can be used in counseling to allude to a persons life , a good example would be some of parables present in the texts. Then there are things such as this the teachings of Jesus and bringing them all into perspective with a persons daily life and questioning how well a person follows these and looking into their lives and why they may not be . The reason to mention this is that people sometimes need perspective on what they do and that they are not perfect no matter what , sometimes people will sin but all they can do is try their best to adhere to a good life. On that note a part of the job of a Christian counselor is to be aware of what the person is doing in their lives but also to remind them that minor errors in their life is a part of life and that God is forgiving for he loves humankind and as such the counselor needs to project this air of forgiveness to the

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