Essay about Benefits Of Pursuing A Higher Education

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A hot topic that Americans are continually quarrelling over is the value of pursuing a higher education. Many people believe that obtaining a college degree has many benefits that range from personal health benefits to financial benefits. Others may believe that pursing a college education is not only unnecessary to succeed, but it is also detrimental your wallet and can leave you in a job you are overqualified. My belief is that pursing a college degree still has worth and value. Pursuing higher education is not only economically and politically beneficial, but it can also teach you how to enjoy life.
One of the main benefits of pursing a college degree is the financial benefits that come with obtaining a degree. College graduates tend to make more money than those who do not attend. “On average, a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree earned $30,000 more per year than a high school graduate, or about $500,000 more over a lifetime, as of Apr. 2013. Earning an associate 's degree (a 2-year degree) was worth about $170,000 more than a high school diploma over a lifetime in 2011” (“College Education -”). The amount of pay for each occupation will vary depending on the career choice. In 2014, the highest paying college majors included petroleum engineering, mining engineering, chemical engineering, computer science and engineering, and computer engineering while college majors in religions and arts were the lowest paying (Mangukiya).
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