The Importance Of Pursuing A College Degree In The Future

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In today 's society, some consider not acquiring a college degree tantamount to a lifetime of financial instability and limited job prospects. This perpetuating fear drives even the most seemingly scrupulous individuals to do anything to succeed. Although cheating is often attributed to an absence of motivation, the importance of attaining a college degree to secure one 's future and the intense societal pressures to excel in school are other often overlooked incentives that could tempt desperate high school students to seize the opportunity for an easy shortcut on assignments or exams.
When one thinks of cheating, students who don 't care about school and/or lack academic drive may primarily come to mind. One could argue that those students
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Studies have shown that among these include the possibility of enjoying "health care insurance, better retirement matching, health savings accounts, tuition reimbursement, free childcare, and reimbursement for travel and commuting costs" (College Atlas). The flawed economy in America causes employment opportunities to diminish and thus, makes it harder for students to look forward to a future of financial security. Therefore, being able to anticipate these bonuses could add a sense of comfort and security in one 's future because their needs are virtually already accommodated. If a student does not do well in school, they might make it harder for themselves to find a job with these exceptional benefits. Additionally, studies have found that "graduates with a four-year bachelor 's degree will qualify for a much greater range of higher paying entry- and upper-level career positions" and therefore make you more "marketable" when applying for jobs (College Atlas). Compared to those without a degree, those with college degrees seem to be placed at a slightly higher advantage in their careers than those without, as they seem better qualified for major job positions. Having remarkable grades is a major prerequisite that increases the probability of a student being accepted into college, and the college degree they will eventually earn …show more content…
The increasing competition to get into an established school is a major factor that often presses students to cross the thin line from merely doing well in school to resorting to deception in order to succeed. Jessica Terrell 's article, "Driven To Cheat: Students Say Pressure to Achieve is Intense," observes that because colleges are "deluged by more applications than ever, the most selective colleges are, inevitably, rejecting a vast majority, including legions of students they once would have accepted." The increasing competition to get into a college or university pressures students to go above and beyond to stand out from other applicants and combat the perpetuating decrease of the acceptance rates. As students pile up on AP classes and extracurricular activities, the sheer amount of workload they tackle on a daily basis places a substantial burden on them to do well. In an extremely competitive academic environment, students are often left desperate to to take shortcuts in order to manage their hectic schedules. The slightest flaw or weakness in their record could compromise their future in the college of their dreams. Terrell amplifies the issue by citing Saksham Jain, senior and ASB president at Oxford Academy in Cypress, who attests that "we are at a point where a good GPA and courses aren 't an addition to a résumé, they are an

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