Benefits Of Network Technology Essay

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In the contemporary society, the network technology becomes one of the most significant technologies all over the world. It allows people to do many things in a simple way such as searching information, entertainment, communicating with other people and so on. In this case, the internet become an indispensable technology in people’s work, study or daily life. However, people have different opinions about whether the network technology is really beneficial for people’s life or not. From my perspective, I consider that it really benefits people’s life for the follow reasons.
To begin with, by using the network technology, people can finish their works or study more efficiently. For adults that already worked, when they need to search some information,
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Can you imagine the world without the internet? Most people will say that they cannot live without the internet. After adults finished their work, they will surf the internet to search for some interesting news to release their pressure. After students finished their study, they are willing to play video games with their friends through the internet to relieve the fatigue and boring feeling. When we have something make you feel so sad, talk them to our friends in WeChat(a famous Chinese internet social networking platform) will be a good choice. When we want to listen to music or watch a movie but do not want to go to the concert or cinema, listening or watching them in our computer after paid them will be very convenient. The other important change in our daily life by the network is that it changes our shopping mode. In the past, if we need to …show more content…
Therefore, I still hold the opinion that the network technology is really advantageous for people’s life.
In a nutshell, although the internet may bring some issues but we can prevent or solve them by using some appropriate method. The network is the crystallization of human wisdom. It enables people to do something more efficiently and improve their life quality in many ways. Without the network technology, many things in our life will become troublesome. Thus, if people take good use of the network technology, I firmly believe that it is valuable and beneficial for people’s life and it will make our life become more wonderful and help us develop our society at a high

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