Essay about Benefits And Disadvantages Of Recruitment Agencies

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Recruitment agencies are also first and efficient as they usually have a waiting list with prospective candidates for different positions already. Their services are also cheaper as compared to using the human resource department.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Recruitment Agencies
Although the recruitment agencies have a mutual relationship with both the probable candidates for jobs and the employers, they are always more lenient to the employers and exemplify their interests. As much as these agencies do both the placing of contractual and permanent employees, most of the employers tend to look at these agencies when they need to hire on a short term basis as described by Dinnen 2014. However, they also give priority to the agencies to advertise for any permanent positions that they may have within their organization. Recruitment agencies are used as the ultimate back-up for employers to use when they cannot hire candidates for certain positions on their own.
Some of the advantages of using recruitment agencies are that they allow the human resource department of an organization according to Bach 2005 to be able to concentrate on other duties that are important to the welfare of the firm such as looking out for the employees and handling payrolls and employee retention. Another advantage of these agencies is that they allow the employers to look for candidates through a large talent pool according to Dinnen 2014. They get to explore talents and skills and this…

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