Being A Student Entering Ms. Migdol Classroom Essay

2088 Words May 4th, 2016 9 Pages
Being a student entering Ms. Migdol classroom, for the first time would make me feel very excited. I would be excited due to the fact that the students are working collaboratively together. All of the students had a role in which they would partake in during the stem lesson. The classroom tells me about Ms. Migdol that she is very interested in how her students are learning throughout this process. She has her students do the process of chiming were Mr. Migdol and the students are able to benefit from it. During this time the students had to pick a chimer and discuss their trial and error that they had about the engineer process that they did. The other students were taking notes and they chime into the discussion and they also helped each other out. She also wants the students to learn from one another. The environment in the classroom does like organized for the reason that Ms. Migdol had the questions up on the board so, that the students can know what they were doing. She also had the materials ready for her students to use. The classroom was also warm and inviting because tables were set up as a round table for discussions. The students were able to have a table discussion about the science that they knew. Ms. Migdol classroom is a classroom where all the students were on task. They were on task because when they were having their discussion all of the students are all together. She also had prop questions on the board to make sure that all of the groups completed the…

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