Being A Peer Mentor, A Leader And A Kairos Leader Essays

1256 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 null Page
This course taught me some very valuable skills that I have been able to practice in order to grow as not only a leader, but as a person. I have had past experience with leading small groups because of being a peer mentor, a freshman retreat leader and a kairos leader; however, leading larger groups proved very difficult for me on kairos and when I came back to school fully focused on the year ahead of me rather than the kairos experience that took up a lot of my attention I was able to learn, through faith in action, some skills for leading small groups. Through urban plunge practice, we saw both successful and unsuccessful large group leadership tactics. We both talked it over and put it in to action with each other in order to refine our skills to more successfully lead the sophomores. When the retreat came, I was nervous that I was not going to be able to control the group of sophomores for an hour of ice breakers. However, it quickly became evident that the practice I received in the class was valuable because I was able to get their attention and I received relatively full participation even though they were rowdy and restless. Leading big groups was always something I was scared of and because of that, I struggled with it however because of this course, I am more comfortable with it and was successfully able to lead a large group. I have always been a natural leader on teams and in smaller groups but when it came to big groups, I always got super nervous and didn’t…

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