Essay about Being A Nurse Is More Than A Job Or Career

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To me, being a nurse is more than a job or career. It is a continuous learning process that I am willing to take on each day, to embrace life changing events and miracles. Touching the lives of others whether the help is gratitude or remains unnoticed, the pride I hold in saying “I’m going to be a nurse” is unmeasurable. Nursing is more than a profession of integrity and compassion; it’s a privilege to be responsible for someone else. My pursue in nursing, first initiated when I was young and my grandfather had a stroke. Soon after graduating high school, I became a medical assistant, which gave me more experience in the actual medical field and lastly the great demand of nurses in the field. The first time I truly touched a person’s life, was the surprisingly fulfilling. A feeling of accomplishment and self-worth spread throughout my body. My first experience came when I was younger and my grandfather suffered from a stroke, leaving his whole right side paralyzed and damaging neurological nerves. Leaving him unable to take care of himself, and I that was not bad enough, he had to get a g-button to be fed through. That’s when I actually realized that I can do this; I have a purpose in life. Being that he was mentally incompetent was very hard on us to see him that way but worse for him. To be able to take care of yourself one day and at a blink of an eye, that was taken from you, unable to even cleanse himself. I helped my mother tend for him; we would take turns…

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