Becoming An Educational Psychologist : The Education Of Children And Adolescents

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As a young man who has lived on an island in the Bahamas faced with educational disparities and broken homes and families, I am dedicated to pursuing a career in education. My interest includes breaking the cycle of low academic achievement in children and adolescents that have a disproportional relationship with their family or students that come from a string of uneducated families. My background and my open-mindedness have informed and sustained my passion for education and have determined the direction of my future. I am applying for my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Learning and Development. I want to continue striving towards my mission of making a difference in the education of children and adolescents.

Earning a graduate degree is inevitable in becoming an educational psychologist. Through the Learning and Development program I will acquire advanced skills that will provide a “deep understanding of the psychological foundations of education” and facilitate my approach in attaining my Master’s degree. With these skills and this degree I will accomplish my goals and keep in line with my mission. Not only will the program prepare me for a graduate degree, but it will also afford me the ability to reflect and be insightful. Being reflective and insightful will keep me supple in professionally developing my skills and adapting to changes within the field.

Learning, in my perspective, is bi-directional. In order for me to advance my…

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