Essay Becoming A Pediatrician Is Not An Easy Path

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The average pediatrician in the United States has an average annual wage of $192,000. Becoming a pediatrician, is not an easy path. Most pediatricians, according to the College Foundation of North Carolina are investigative, and social. Their values for the job include, independence, recognition, achievement, and support along with other values. Pediatricians work with children 100% of the time, and to become a pediatrician, one must have the patience, and love to be able to care for the children. Those qualities are found easily, and because of that all one must do is take the course, by finishing the course, one can help the children out and live a financially stable life (“ - Career Profile”). Pediatricians, specialize in the care of children since they are born, until they are a legal adult, throughout their life being cared by these specialists, they are helped to prevent any illness, to be treated, also they are helped to maintain their health stable throughout their life.
To become a pediatrician, one must have the appropriate background and education necessary, also one must reach the levels needed for the basic skills that are required to become a specialist. The ones most needed are to be a high active listener, and active listening at a level of six. Medium levels of reading comprehension, writing, speaking, science, active learning, learning strategies, and monitoring are needed. Mathematics is the least needed, but is also necessary. One must graduate…

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