Persuasive Essay On Taking Care Of Medical Patients

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Taking Care Of Doctor 's Becoming a medical doctor allows an individual to make an impact on the world by healing the sick. In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for this reason. As a physician you must dedicate a lot of time and make many sacrifices. Most people ignore the amount of time medical doctors spending work that too often they neglect their needs. Essentially because most medical doctors do not always feel it is necessary. Considering everything physicians go through on a day to day bases starting off with frequently having not healthy patients to even seeing people die in their arms. In everything there is good and bad, so it is important to know what you are signing up …show more content…
Some doctors have even experienced patients dying in their arms. Which causes the situation to become a very traumatic for all involved. Doctors should seek therapy, but too often they [doctor’s] don 't because they feel like it will eventually go away. Just as soldiers constantly fighting on the frontline are constantly seeing death on the front line and must seel treatment doctors go through similar struggles considering death is something that occurs often. As well as how a person 's family may react to what has just happened. Too often doctors are blamed for a death and it not their fault it might have just been their time to go. But someone on the opposite side of the spectrum did not see this their leading to court cases and lawsuits.This puts pressure on the doctor for the sake of he or she does not want all of their hard work to go down the drain from being stripped of their licences. Or having to deal with consequences after returning to work, one may feel embarrassed because of their coworkers might know what has happened and think of what a dumb mistake. Some may forget that they were once in those shoes still learning the ropes. Patients also need to remember that doctors are people too, and mess up sometimes. It is good to find someone that you can trust in the field so they can give you tips and guidance about what to do in …show more content…
The first thing that should be done is learning how to detach oneself from the situation. By creating a plan you will not have to struggle with getting too involved in patient 's lives. Taking a class on separation may be helpful for relieving the stress. This is challenging for some especially since a certain about of empathy is necessary for this career. It is important to not hold on to various traumas, but to let it go. Another thing to remember is the difference between detachment and empathy.These types of things can hinder the

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