Promoting Health Care Essay

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Government functions to promote the well-being of its citizens; this includes promoting health care in a manner that will best promote the welfare of its citizens. Since health care is very regulated, it does not follow the laws that model a free-market economy. For this reason, instituting a health care system in a capitalist society causes unintended consequences that lead to injustice. Injustices stem from a commercial incentive for research and drug development, a vast consumer surplus, and limited access to care. The government is a reflection of the citizens they serve. When we tolerate denying health care to the poor, we uphold denying a crucial part of general welfare to that most needing it. One may not think a capitalist healthcare system personally disadvantages them, but on3 must consider those that are. People must pay a high cost for treatment, even if it is well beyond their means, because of the possibly fatal consequences of declining medical treatment. Consequently, the amount the United …show more content…
The issues seen in capitalist medicine expected of any implementation of such system. When the allocation of research and drug development corresponds to financial incentives, the well-being of a country 's citizens is not kept in mind. Capitalist health care systems cannot fulfill the duty of government in a suitable manner owing to the nature of an imperfect market. When people experience systematic injustice, we are personally responsible for allowing it to happen. We must voice our concerns with health care to gain influence in politics. In practice, no health care system is without its flaws, but a system that causes limited access to care in principle is indefensibly flawed. In a capitalist system of medicine, injustice should be expected, and our civic duty is to fix

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