Being Mortal By Thomas Jennings Essay

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“Being Mortal” produced by Thomas Jennings was originally aired on February 10, 2015. The 54:11 minute episode deals with the experience of a doctor and patient as a patient nears the end of their life. Many point of views helped to express the difficulty a doctor and patient has when the patient is dying.
All people are affected by dying in some way. This documentary deals with the process that doctors go through when they are dealing with patients who have less and less options for treatment as their lives come to a close. These doctors are motivated by their want and need to help people. It is a very complex process to tell someone that they are dying. It comes with acceptance on both the doctor and patient’s sides. The doctor must accept that they have done everything they can, and the patient must accept dying and face it without being afraid.
Many surgeons shared their points of view dealing with a dying patient. The point of view of the surgeon, Dr. Atul Gawande, who had to tell a pregnant woman with two cancers that she was going to die, the point of view of Dr. Nayak, a brain cancer specialist, who only 5% of her patients make it another 10 years, and the point of view of a physician, Kathy Selvaggi, who specializes in talking with patients about decisions regarding the end of their lives are all doctors who have to deal with relaying news to patients that they are only mortal and are going to die soon.
Dr. Gawande had to go through step by step with a woman and…

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