Becoming A Nurse For The Winter Park Competition Center Women 's Snowboard Freestyle Snowboard Team

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Caring for others has always been an important part of my personal and professional aspirations. Being a born nurturer gives me an advantage and the drive to serve my community in the best way possible; by becoming a nurse. I have known nursing was my calling for a majority of my life. However, it has taken a culmination of life experiences to see that I embody all of the characteristics needed to be a great nurse. These experiences also helped me develop the confidence needed to complete one of the most rigorous educational programs. Furthermore, my support system has ensured, and will continue to ensure my success. As a young woman growing up in a rural community, fear of failure steered me away from pursuing my career as a nurse and into coaching the Winter Park Competition Center Women’s snowboard freestyle snowboard team. This time provided the tools I needed for my future as a nurse, and it allowed me to realize my full potential. Several factors propelled me past my fears and self-doubts and into my direction of purpose. To be a successful freestyle snowboarding coach, requires the ability to guide an athlete past fear and self-doubt and show them they can accomplish the impossible. This is achieved by astute observation, trust, contagious calmness and the ability to develop confidence within. The ability to transform fear and doubt is central to the nursing profession and is an indispensable tool. While treatment of the physical body comes via evidence based…

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