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This book aims to honour the work of Professor Mirjan Damaška, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School and a prominent authority for many years in the fields of comparative law, procedural law, evidence, international criminal law and Continental legal history. Professor Damaška’s work is renowned for providing new frameworks for understanding different legal traditions. To celebrate the depth and richness of his work and discuss its implications for the future, the editors have brought together an impressive range of leading scholars from different jurisdictions in the fields of comparative and international law, evidence and criminal law and procedure. Using
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For my family: Kathy, Jane and Alex. John Jackson For my family: Ariel and Mateo. Máximo Langer For Ilga and Kurt. Peter Tillers

When Peter Tillers first proposed the idea of a collection of essays in honour of Mirjan Damaška, there was a very enthusiastic response from many quarters of the academic legal community. We knew that Damaška’s work had influenced

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