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• Question 1
2 out of 2 points In the US, generally in civil cases which party has the initial burden of proving their claims? Correct Answer:
The plaintiff. • Question 2
2 out of 2 points If a Chinese company decided to conduct business in the US, which of the following laws should it research and follow? Correct Answer:
All of the above. • Question 3
2 out of 2 points Equity Capital Corporation provides other firms with funds to expand operations. Questions of what is ethical involve the extent to which Equity has: Correct Answer: an ethical duty within or beyond those duties mandated by law. • Question 4
0 out of 2 points An increase in general and
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The material has a scrap value ‘as is’ of $13,300, but if reworked at a cost of $2,100 it could be sold for $14,000. What would be the incremental effect on the company's overall profit of reworking and selling the material rather than selling it as scrap? Correct Answer:

• Question 8
0 out of 2 points An increase in accounts receivable turnover is a sign that: Correct Answer:
The firm’s liquidity is improving • Question 9
0 out of 2 points Assume that a corporation reports the same amount of positive net income every year and does not pay-off any of its debts over time. The corporation does not pay out dividends and does not buy or sell its own stock. Which of the following is most likely to be true: Correct Answer:
The corporation’s return on assets will decline over time • Question 10
0 out of 2 points During its first month of operations, a company had credit sales of $100,000 and collected $60,000 cash from customers. The company also purchased inventory for $70,000 and had $30,000 of inventory remaining at the end of the month. The company should report a gross profit of: Correct Answer:

• Question 11
2 out of 2 points Operating processes close to their capacity can result in low customer satisfaction and even losing money despite high sales levels. Correct Answer: True • Question 12
0 out of 2 points Regarding the Eight Types of

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