Availability Of Health Technology Is Related On Health Need Essay

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“Availability of health technology is inversely related to health need.” Missing limbs, AIDS, malnutrition, Ebola—serious health problems plague low-income countries. Such widespread problems and the lack of a health care system properly equipped to care for them renders health care in these low-income nations inefficient and ineffective. Though health is a growing concern in these nations and of high political priority, the health care systems are often unable to provide the care and programs necessary to improve societal well-being. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), over one billion people lack access to health care systems. Every year, over 7.5 million children under the age of 5 die from “preventable” diseases and malnutrition. In 2008, over 6.7 million people died from infectious diseases. Of the 17.5 million who died of cardiovascular diseases in 2005, over 80% lived in middle- or low-income countries. Unfortunately, disease is not the only problem. War wreaks havoc on societal health, as land mines mutilate thousands each year. The problem is not that in finding a solution; most, if not all, of these problems are nonexistent in developed countries like the United States.
Why, then, do such disparities in global health exist? One significant reason is the lack of effective health technology for these areas. With proper medical technology, these countries could revolutionize their health care systems, which would promote both economic…

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