Volleyball Recruiting Program

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Volleyball Research Essay

The following essay will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of the provided training program in contrast to the redesigned program. The redesigned training program was specifically based on the players fitness test results, and what is required to be improved to achieve optimal performance for their position.

The provided volleyball-training program was very limited; there was no specificity of the players position, or what season it is throughout. Because of this, there were few strengths and weaknesses to base the relevance of the program on.
Firstly, however, an essential positive aspect within the training program is that it included Strength Training. While it was unclear what season the program was throughout,
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Since evaluating the provided program and comparing it with the fitness test results, a redesigned program has been corroborated to meet the specific needs of the athlete. The redesigned program is based during game season, and follows the general outline of ‘general prep’, ‘specific prep’, ‘pre competition’ and ‘competition’ sessions with following the following ‘off’ days for recovery.
Fitness components that required improvement included muscular power, muscular strength, agility, and all-round cardiovascular endurance. Based on this information, the redesigned program was constructed with three different sessions, Interval, Circuit and Endurance training.
Interval training, takes place three times a week, with a 15-minute warm up, and sprints, designed to increase speed and cardiovascular endurance. Circuit training, also takes place three times a week and includes dead lifts, sit-ups, push-ups, sprints, jump squats, and wall sits, designed to target a strong core for jumping, spiking the ball and improved cardiovascular
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Furthermore, the program consists of endurance training on Wednesday, then a 40-minute run of 85% MHR on Thursday, and static stretching to prevent injury on Friday, and interval training on Saturday.
Likewise from the first week, the second week has consecutive endurance and circuit training, simultaneously targeting arm, leg and core muscles needed to jump, spike, set, dig, or serve the ball. Moreover, this combination of training sessions increases speed and power, essential for running between position five and six, and having vigilant reflexes.
Overall, the second microcylce, was based on the ‘pre-competition’ guidelines, with medium intensity, medium volume and medium recovery.

Thirdly, the last microcylce begins with Circuit training on Sunday, endurance training on Monday, an ‘off’ day on Tuesday, a 40-mintue jog of 85% MHR on Wednesday and interval training on Thursday, followed by a game on Friday, then 40min jog 70% MHR and min static stretching.
As game day was on the third Friday, the program followed the ‘competition’ guidelines, with high intensity, low volume, and high

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