Fitness Components And Functions Of Touch Football

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Touch Football is a high intensity sport that requires specific energy system and muscular group training. It uses several energy systems that require targeted training. In order to train specific fitness components a training program needs to be developed by increasing intensity, frequency, varying type and time of training. To achieve results, the training program needs to focus on the fitness components you are aiming to train. The components that will be trained and tested throughout this program are acceleration and muscular strength and endurance. It is estimated that over the four week training program, these fitness components will have improved, therefore enhancing the ability to perform throughout a touch football game.

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These fitness components have been isolated because they provide essential components to the sport of touch football. Speed and acceleration provide features that can be extremely beneficial to a touch football game. Whilst in a game, short sharp bursts of energy and speed are needed, therefore acceleration training will be particularly valuable. Muscular strength and endurance will aid in all aspects of a touch game such as, acceleration, endurance, dodging the opposition and ball passing. Once muscular strength is developed, the quality of game abilities will increase evidently. In order to track the fitness improvements from before and after the training program three fitness tests have been performed that relate to the components being trained. These consist of a wall sit, chair push ups, vertical jump test and a twenty meter sprint. A wall sit is an appropriate fitness test for the chosen fitness component of Muscular Strength and Endurance because it records the strength endurance of the lower body, focusing on the quadriceps. To test the strength of the upper body’s strength and endurance a chair push up test has been selected. This test is suitable in regards to the fitness component. Twenty meter sprints are an applicable fitness test for the chosen fitness components because it is able to determine acceleration, maximum running speed and speed endurance. However these aspects vary depending of the distance tested over. Vertical jumps tests are effective when testing the strength of the leg muscles as you are required to jump as high as you can from the push from your legs. In order to reach the fitness goals and improve and maximise test results, at least four to five training sessions need to be implemented to achieve noticeable results. However there are only four periods of sport science per week, creating a limitation to the results

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