Aerobic Research Paper

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Aerobics – All you need to know to Get Fit

What is Aerobics?
Aerobic, more commonly known as cardio, is a form of low to high intensity physical exercise. Aerobic literal meaning is “involving, requiring or relating to free oxygen”. A typical aerobic session increases the heart rate and breathing rate to burn more fats (more on that later).
It works on the rule of pumping one’s heart rate up. This oxygenated blood supplied by heart to the working muscles meet energy demands during an exercise session.
Typically Aerobic exercises include: running, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skiing, dancing, hiking, spinning, various cardio machines and kickboxing.
What are anaerobic exercises?
If performed at a very high intensity, aerobics (or aerobic
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Aerobics is a slow process and produces even longer term results. It sure requires dedication and fair amount of energy but once you have successfully incorporated it in your daily routine; you can enjoy the perks of physical activity. Your body will not only be active throughout the day but by the course of time it will increase your stamina and …show more content…
Why all these health experts do asks us to incorporate it in our life? Why should you decide to dedicate some time for your health?
Medical Benefits of Aerobics
A lot of research and studies are now focused on how to keep human body healthier and provide passive immunity means to prevent the body against chronic and deadly diseases. To our surprise the result of most of these studies are linked with aerobics i.e. the importance of physical activities done as a part of routine. It helps our heart to stay stronger for a longer period of time. Not only this, but such an exercise or physical activity also helps our muscles and body to stay independent as our age passes by.
A Research on Migraine Affected Individuals
Quoting here the facts from a study conducted on how aerobics can help people suffering from migraine regularly. The experiment was conducted by providing an exercise program to a bunch of people suffering from migraine that included activities like indoor cycling. The objective was to maximize the oxygen intake to the body and targeting to the fact that exercise often worsens the migraine

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