Audi Quattro Case Study

17. Audi Quattro (1981):
The Audi Quattro is a rally and road car was manufactured by Audi in the German Automobile and part of the Volkswagen Group. The featuring of the Audi Quattro was the first to mate the 4 wheel drive with turbocharger engine. The fastest cars engine was 2144 CC, inline five cylinder and 10 valves SOHC with the intercooler and turbocharger. It’s produced by the output power of 147 KW, 200 PS and 176 BHP and torque 285 NM at 3500 RPM. The Quattro propelled from 0 to 100 Km/h in 7.1 Sec and reached to top speed of 220 Km/h. Then the engine was modified into 2144 CC in line five and 10 valve that can boost the power to 147 KW, 200 PS and 197 BHP. There is no major change in the visual design vehicles from the previous model
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This car was introduced by the USA as 122S at New York International Auto Show. It shared to the wheelbase, high H-point seat of predecessor, tail posture that offered two or three or five door sedan body styles. Volvo fastest cars had to become the first manufacturer to provide a front seat belt as the standard equipment. A new Volvo B16 motor had a three speed manual gearbox and rear wheel drive. In 1958, Amazon sport car model was released to become the first series of car producing with 3 point safety belt at the front seats. In 1962, Volvo introduces a 2 door version, 5 door wagon and new engine B18 with the deleting 2 tone paint and upholstery. In 1965, Amazon color coordination of an embossed vinyl upholstery and door panels is available. The new gearbox selections of fastest cars were the 3 speeds M30, 4 speeds M40 and M41 and overdrive. In 1961, M31 gearbox was introduced with three speed synchronizations on both 2nt and 3rd direct gear boxes. The optional one of the gearbox 12 was the gearbox M30, M31 and M40 while gearbox options of 122S were M40 and M41. In 1964, BW35 was a 3 speed automatic transmission with two or four …show more content…
The Soviet Union and other European markets were sold in an estate and Saloon version. It is also referred as Lada Classic has been derived from the original Fiat 124 platform. The original version of fastest cars Lada type VAZ 2101 were modernized and restyled and introduced in 1970. The Riva is designated to the home market of VAZ 2105, VAZ 2104 and VAZ 2107. Then the first generation of the Lada Riva VAZ 2101 had featured with the Fiat derived from the manual transmission, aluminum allow drum brake with an iron brake shoe with a rear wheel and all round coil spring suspension. There was a small engine variant that can boost the power to 65 horsepower, 48 KW, 66 PS for 1294 CC engine version. They had an inline 4 cylinder as compared to the original version of VAZ 2101. Some modification of the Lada Riva was carried out by the 1452 CC engine with OHV over the original Lada VAZ 2103. Some other 1569 CC engine in 1.6 L had been single point fuel injection and catalytic converters. This car can improve the interior, instrument panel and a chrome

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