Difference Between Import And Import Cars

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Dylan Shank
Ms. Cooney
Period 1
English 10
Final Draft In the “Car World” there is an argument that has been going on for a very long time; Japanese Import cars vs. American Muscle cars. Many people say that import cars are better than muscle cars in many way. Others say that muscle cars are better than import cars. Many people like both types of cars. While others don’t like either types of cars for their own personal reasons. People should choose import cars over muscle cars because imports have better modifications that can help the car have better performance. Many people who watched a certain race were talking about a yellow Dodge Viper and said, “The poor fellow with the yellow Dodge Viper seems to arouse the underdog spirit beyond
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Some people love Japanese cars, while some love American cars. Others might not even like cars like some people do in the “Car World”. But in reality, the best car is the car that the driver decides is the best for their own personal taste in cars. Whether the car is an American muscle car or a Japanese import car, that’s their choice to choose which type of car they want. Or maybe they don’t want either types, maybe they want a European car. But that’s not as a big topic as muscle cars or import …show more content…
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