Assignment 2 Essay

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Assignment 2: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World
The Stakeholders in this case are:- 1. PharmaCARE 2. PAC 3. The People and Government of Colberia 4. Executives of the PharmaCARE 5. PharmaCARE Clients Worldwide 6. FDA 7. OSHA 8. MR Alen Jones 9. CompCARE and Employees 10. Doctors and Hospitals who were dealing with CompCARE 11. Donna, Tom and Ayesha 12. Wellco
The Ethics of PharmaCARE in Colberia:- Now days it has become a critical measure for companies (small and Large) to abide by ethical standards, which are designed to protect the well-being of society they are operating in and marketing with. In doing so companies, especially
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In Essence it may be a business strategy for such companies to provide their employees with the best of everything to stay competitive in the market. Hence, a company should also strive to improve the lives of its rank and file workers not only as its corporate responsibility but also to create a better and happy workforce that can contribute more to the company and the world at large.
Could Allen Legally Fire The Three Workers? The situation with all the three is quite different that we have to evaluate them respectively.
Donna:- Donna was an exemplary worker before the health issue started to trouble and keep her at home. Terminating an employee for filing a workers compensation claim is an illegal action covered under the wrongful discharge exceptions of the law. Employers may not fire or threaten to fire an employee to discourage him from or punish him for making a claim under the workers' compensation law (Allen, J, C.). Hence, Allen will not be able to fire Donna Legally.

Tom:- Allen’s best supervisor is on the other hand posing a different treat of whistleblowing, which actually is far more consequential not only for the company but also for Allen himself. If word goes out to OSHA (the federal agency that oversee work place safety standards) about the situation in the lab and the resulting health issues of the employees, PharmaCARE, CompCARE and its executives will come to face quiet expensive lawsuits and all the cover-up around the drug AD23

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