Essay about Assignment 2 Modern Fiction

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War (1922) By Luigi Pirandello
Assignment 2
Neveen I. Elyaseh
Lebanese International University- Beirut
Mrs Grace Haddad
Spring 2015
Date: Tuesday 7 2015
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Question 2 5
Question 3 7
Question 4 8
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Question 1
Explain the means by which Pirandello develops the narrative structure of the story. Why does he include so much conversation? What might the story be like if it had been carried out exclusively through description?

Pirandello develops the narrative structure in a well thought manner. At the beginning of his novel he begins with a description of the “Smoky second class carriage” including five people sitting in it and begins to describe the bulky woman and
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Moreover, the man seems to be defending the need for battlefield deaths. He believes that if an individual dies being a hero then this death must be celebrated where all people should “Laugh” and be happy. He supports battlefield deaths as he states “You are right. Our children do not belong to us, they belong to the Country”. The capitalization of the word Country emphasizes the importance and patriotism the man has towards his Country. This implies that he wishes to die for his country just like his son was able to do so. He describes the love of his country being “stronger” than the love for his children and that he would gladly take his sons place at the front if he could. This further emphasizes the father’s importance of battlefield deaths where it is more important than his own offspring. He uses the simile to compare the country like bread portraying it as a natural necessity in which an individual cannot live without. Hence, someone must go defend it and save it. This further implements the idea of his support of battlefield death.
His true thoughts soon emerge when the author describes the man as ending his conversation with a “shrill laugh which might well have been a sob”. This implies that he may have been trying to cover up his weakness and to convince himself that his son died a hero and that he should not mourn his death. Hence, this description shows the reader that his

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