Ashford University Com 200 Week 2 Assignment Essays

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Shared Talking Styles
Jessica Tuszynski
Com 200 Interpersonal communication Professor: Laura Massengale
Ashford University
April, 2, 2012

Do the styles of our language predict the quality of interpersonal relationships? Psychological science thinks the reason why people show mutual romantic interests or can communicate better with someone is because of similar function words. “They say unconscious verbal coordination of this sort, dubbed language-style matching by researchers, signifies not how much two people like each other but how much each is paying attention to what the other says” (Ashford Library, Proquest; Bruce Bower). How can we determine if we have similar function words with who we are having conversation with?
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When I communicate with my cousin we are not using the same language styles and this is why we are not as close as we could be. Now my friend Laura and I get along really well and can understand one another better than we do others and I feel this is due to language style matching. The article states “An interesting irony is that two people who truly hate one another will often exhibit high amount of language-style matching” (Ashford library, Proquest; Bruce Bower). The reason they have similar language styles is because their yelling or screaming. This makes a lot of sense only because they are feeling the same way as well as expressing the same feeling which is hate. The article helps us understand our relationships between others and improve our relationships with our life partners as well. Language- style matching is a big part of why some people just connect. The article explains how and why some people connect better than others through language styles. The article and the language- style matching is there to help us understand the people we are having a conversation with. I feel that both the article and language style matching site are very insightful. These are tools used to help use communicate better in a formal or professional way that can help open more job opportunities as well as just understanding our interpersonal communication. When we communicate interpersonally we may or may not connect with the

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