Artists Pushing Against Social Boundaries Essay

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Artists Pushing Against Social Boundaries Can a statue of Donald Trump’s voluptuous naked physique, complete with a shining veiny spherical stomach, golden locks of male carpet, and one tiny little hand, be considered activist art? If art activism is defined as seeking to make a statement or change in a political or social climate through art, and if INDECLINE, the artists who created the Donald Trump statues, stated that, “It is through these sculptures we leave behind the physical and metaphorical embodiment of the ghastly soul of one of America’s most infamous and reviled politicians”(Warshaw). Then, it would appear that a statue of Donald Trump in the nude is activist art. However, throughout history and in the modern day, artist who create art to push social boundaries have had their art belittled and denounced. Despite the fact, that these activist artists create strong political and social statements through their artwork. When people criticize the Donald Trump statues, the first thing they say is that the statues are body shaming. Writer for the magazine The Establishment Marissa Jenae Johnson said about the statues, “The joke itself is bad. It relies on body-­shaming, fatphobia, toxic masculinity, and transphobia to take jabs at Trump” (Johnson). The Guardian Magazine writer Murray White went so far as to say, “let’s push aside the notion of it as art straight off. It’s more in the company of the evolving gutter press of 18th-century England” (Whyte). You can…

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