Artificial Intelligence Outline

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English 102
Tamara Stojkovic
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Instructor: Mrs. Georgia Nenapoulou

Is artificial intelligence taking over our lives?

Thesis: Artificial intelligence is taking over our lives in the field of medicine well as industry and it also affects human cognitive skills.
I. Introduction
II. Medicine
A. Operations
B. Diseases
C. Ideal baby
III. Industry
A. Car industry
B. Heavy industry
IV. Human cognitive skills
A. Calculations
B. Logical thinking
V. Conclusion

What does the word artificial intelligence really means? Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the formatting and studying of a computer system that is showing a form of intelligence. To be more precise, that is a system that can learn new things as
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The industry is also developing quite rapidly, especially car and heavy industry. When it comes to the car industry, artificial intelligence is affecting the development of cars. Micro-robots are helping in creating cars and replacing humans that are working in this kind of industry. The micro- robots are faster and more capable of doing more things at the same time than humans. Also, the structure of cars is becoming more and more complex due to artificial intelligence. Soon the driver will not have a control over the car, he will just say the destination where he wants to go and a car will do everything on its own. To be more explicit, the car will change speed, park, as well as keeps the speed limit on its own. Similarly, artificial intelligence has an impact on heavy industry. The micro-robots are also replacing human population in the field of heavy industry. The micro-robots are more productive and faster than humans. Moreover, they have more complex structure and they can perform more than one function at the same time. Therefore, artificial intelligence is taking over industry and replacing human role in this

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