Surpass Artificial Intelligence

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The Technology Revolution: Why Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass Human Intelligence Technological advancements are nothing new to the twenty-first century. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is the most innovative accomplishment in modern technology. This intelligence is used in almost every technology sold on the market today, and engineers have only scratched the surface of what machines can do. Allowing these advancements to continue will not only diminish the requirement for human intelligence; it will surpass any need for it altogether. The ancient expression goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” but if a machine could do it twice as fast with double the accuracy then why waste your time? Human intelligence …show more content…
Even with almost seventy years of expansion, researchers have only just started experimenting with what AI can do. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is not to put the human mind into a computer, but “make computer programs that can solve problems and achieve goals in the world as well as humans” (“What is Artificial Intelligence?”). Artificial intelligence advancements have revolutionized fields such as, robotics, healthcare, education, and transportation. In the next two decades, “AI is poised to replace people in certain kinds of jobs … [and] lower the cost of many goods and services” (Stone, et al. 8). Given a century of research humans in the workforce will be a scarcity. Imagine going to a University for years to secure an occupation just to eventually be replaced by a machine. Without humans in the workforce this allows machines to perform human tasks, and find ways to perfect them. Machines will surpass the need for human intelligence at all. This should not be taken lightly. In the near future, “AI will affect labor demand[s]… affecting workers more in the skilled middle” (Stone, et al. 38). This means the average human worker will be unemployed with AI advancements. Permitting these machines to gain access to these intelligences is detrimental to human existence. Once a machine has proven it can perform a job it would be utterly impossible to regain humans in that

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