Essay Article Review On The Writing

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DESCRIPTION: We are currently working on opinion essays in our writing unit. Students have been drafting book reviews over the past few weeks, focusing on finding evidence and using persuasive language. Today, I introduced the students to the second-to -last step in the writing process: Editing. We started on the rug, as I introduced the editing checklist. The checklist had four main points – it had students check for capitalization, punctuation, spelling and understanding. I used an exemplar of a book review, and modeled how an editor would read the piece once and then go down the checklist with a careful eye and mark up the paper. I started with capitalization, before moving down to punctuation, spelling and understanding. After I walked them through this process, I had them get into turn and talk partnerships. In their turn and talk partnerships they read through the next paragraph in the exemplar and marked it using the check list. Finally, I dismissed students from the rug to work on their writing. I pulled a small group of students, and had them work in pairs to edit their own writing. Finally, at the end of the lesson, we reconvened on the rug. I had the students share how they felt about the process of working together to edit.

REFLECTION: I would place this lesson under standard 3: Learning Environments. I wanted students to work together in a positive environment because a lot of times writing is an independent process. By having students work in…

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