Art 101 Final Project Timeline Essay

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Trechelle Monroe

Final Project: Art Timeline

Sculptures from the 18th-20th Century

February 23, 2012

Fig 1
Aristide Maillo,
French Sculpture
Musee d’Orsay, Paris

This sculpture falls in the modern art category and the style is abstract expressionism. This sculpture is very large it is actually 110cm. The artist that created this sculpture was one of the many fine French Sculptors, he was one of the younger generation who started out as a Symbolist painter as well as a tapestry designer but he got an eye disease around the age of 40 and he had to give these things up but then found love for sculpting . This artist had a love for Greek sculpture but he rejected some of what it stood for. This piece of
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James Earle Fraser went to school at the Art Institute of Chicago and was also a designer of the Navy Cross. When I look at tis sculpture it reminds me of a warrior riding out after they have won a long successful victory of some sort. The way that the horses head is pointed down looks like he is worn out as well but the warriors head is down as well and looks like he is telling the horse to go faster or something, I am not sure if that is exactly what he is saying but I am sure that he is giving the horse some type of direction. The warrior has on torn up moccasins and animal skin clothing which gives it the tribal look. To this artist the sculpture was a reminder of the life that he lived on the American frontier so it was very sentimental to him.

Fig 8
The Air
Aristide Maillol
Lead Sculpture
Kroller-MullerMuseum, Otterlo, Netherlands

The style that this sculpture falls under would be serene classicism, the dimensions are
(130cmx240cm). This large sculpture is a female with her hair neatly done, leaned on her side with both legs pointed towards the air. The lady has all of her body weight on the right side ad her left arm is extended out like she is giving something a powerful push. She looks like she is possibly trying to push herself in the air or the clouds, she looks very

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