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Have you ever wondered why pizza is so loved all over the world by billions of people? It is technically a very difficult to know as to why everyone really love pizza. One of the major reasons is probably the fact that it is versatile, because you can literally put anything on a pizza, you can put any type of food for your toppings. There are pizza places where they put chocolate instead of tomato sauce, and fruits instead of cheese or meat. It would also depend on a certain country’s culture, like in the United States there is such thing as a burger pizza, in Japan there is such thing as a sushi pizza. It is literally for everybody. Another contributing factor is that pizza can easily be accessed anytime and anywhere.
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Is it by the crust? With how it's presented? Or maybe if how much cheese is in it? So to make you crave even more, here are the a couple of places to get the best pizzas in the world.


There is a place where you can get the finest pizza in Los Angeles and you can find it at Pizzeria Mozza. It is a pizza place located at Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Their pizzas costs around $30-$50, which can be a little pricey but it is definitely worth it, since it is not like the ordinary fast food pizza.


This is technically the birthplace of pizza (not counting Greece) and you can find the finest Neapolitan crust pizzas in 50 Karlo or Pizzaria La Notizia. They cook their pizzas in the traditional wood-fired oven and there is nothing like their soft and floppy dough topped with mozzarella an Italy’s finest sweet tomatoes.


There is a lot of pizza places all over New York but only some can give you the crispiest, cheesiest, and the greasiest (the good kind) pizzas. New York style pizza was invented by Italian immigrants from Naples, which is the home of the original pizza. No wonder New York pizzas are just incredible remarkable.


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