Argumentative Essay On Literacy

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Literacy has always been a struggle for me. As my vision lowered so did my motivation for literacy. When I could see words clearer, I gained the importance of literacy.When my vision was at its worse, I would love it when my mom would read me stories, made me feel alive. In second grade, I was having the most trouble with literacy. After countless surgeries I could see the words clearer. Sadly, by that time I was in middle school, I was already behind in English and reading classes. In high school I realized that I can still improve my English skills.
My mom used to read stories to me every night before I went to bed. She would read Arthur, and The Little Polar Bear, and a lot of other great books. She would also tell me stories about her
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I remember one time my parents wanted me to read a sentence in, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, I tried so hard to read the book, but what I ended up saying was a bunch of gibberish. At that time my parents knew that There was something wrong with my eyesight and we would have no choice but to get an eye exam. Turns out I needed glasses. If the glasses didn 't help then we would have proceed to surgery. At first it helped, then after awhile when I got to read more challenging fast paced books I had to get get …show more content…
My english teacher was once a journalist, with that sad she wanted us to write fast, and think fast. I remember one time I was walking in the hallway and I saw her past class students leaving the class, they had shocked faces, and walked slowly. With their body language, I knew that what I 'm about to walk into will not be fun. She made us read a news article, she would give us ten minutes to read. Then she would give us fifteen minutes to write. She would do this four times a week. On fridays we would watch student news on CNN and talk about it. Gladly she didn 't make us write on fridays. She made us love watching/reading the news. I hated the class at first, but what I didn 't know is that this class helped me pass Senior year of high

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