Essay On How Literacy Changed My Life

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Literacy has shaped and evolved my life in many different ways over the course of time. In the begging of my journey I only consumed books and didn 't feel adequate enough to try my hand at writing. As the years went on and I experienced an array of different situations I turned to journaling to help me coop with my life. The informal style of journaling made me feel comfortable to start writing stories and other pieces. This and my love of photography eventually lead me to submit an application to join the yearbook staff at my high school. After a year of writing for the yearbook I was prompted to editor which showed me how much I had truly come to enjoy the simple pleasures writing offered. This lead to my strong believe that literacy is an important key of life …show more content…
Literacy adds so much to a persons life and changes the perspective of others around them. In being literate I was seen as smarter and more educated like how people in American viewed Adichie after learning she was familiar with our customs. In being literate I had so many more opportunities in life because like Alexie I had beaten a stigmatism that had previously held me back in life. I was now seen as the smart child with a disability as Alexie was seen as the smart Native American. This made people believe I was more capable in life and could actually go somewhere. Literacy changed my life in how it gave me more opportunities and showed me that I was capable of doing more with myself. Thus literacy is truly something that can change someone for the better. My success all started with books that helped me get out of my head but has continued on with writing which has given me a place to share my thoughts but still escape reality. Making it so that learning to read and loving it evolved my life my life to something much better than I could have previously thought

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