Argumentative Essay On Christian Based Education

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I think possibly, you have this coming to you, my dad said when he went to school it was Christian based education, and everyone in his class was Christian. In my class I’m the only Christian. There is 6 Muslim girls, 4 Hindu’s, 8 Sikh 's, I could join the atheistic society, Drama society, Music society, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim society, however I can’t join a Christian union as the teacher said their isn’t a call for one, I’m calling. I think they call it positive discrimination, however all is not lost I have joined the atheistic society, I figure I will make that the Christian union, Atheistic Alice is furious with me, she runs it (at the moment lol), one by one the atheistic members are starting to ask the questions they should have been …show more content…
Dogma - things that are not debatable like the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, his death, burial and resurrection, etc.

With you so far, however this would be classed as the minimal requirements of what it is to be Christian, however I think I am following you.

Doctrine - these are things we may disagree on but cannot fight over as long as they are biblically sound.

Ok, I am in debating mode now, lol I am looking for logical falsies, so do tolerate me, who decides what is biblically sound?, I elect, it’s me lol, so I say it’s not biblically sound for women to teach or exercise authority over a man in church. Sorry Sis I’m teasing you lol, however I think you see my point, I often get a atheist say to me- look let’s forget all this Christian and atheistic talk let’s just do the things we both agree on, I say is there such a list? Ok I said I think we both agree divorce should be made very difficult indeed only permitted in the most extreme conditions, abortion that should be made illegal, further if a lad gets a girl pregnant she is his now, he used her as if she was a wife, so now she is, congratulations Mr and Mrs Smith, I said to him do we agree, I can’t tell you what he said to me, as I don’t know, my brother had to delete his

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