Argumentative Essay On Bride Kidnapping

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The sun is radiating down on a young woman’s skin and she can feel the warmth that the wind is blowing towards her, this only leads her to think of what a great day today will be. As she’s walking to school, she can hear the gravel rub against her shoes when all of a sudden a van comes to a screeching stop only to have men spill out running towards her. Immediately she feels their rough hands harshly grab her as she is now overwhelmed with panic and fear while they take her to the van. It was a quick and too easy task that the men got away with; this is known as the practice of bride kidnapping. This kind of situation traumatizes many young girls and women everyday where every 40 minutes, a girl is kidnapped. The young women get taken off the …show more content…
EE:Establishing Evidence: Kidnapping alone is already against the law and actually so is bride kidnapping. E:Evidence: There are already laws in Kyrgyzstan that quite clearly state the fact that bride kidnappings or the kidnappings of women into marriage is illegal, but that does little to nothing from helping the women or stopping the men(Chung). A:Analysis: If there are already laws that make the kidnappings illegal, why does it still happen? There is no enforcement of the law and almost no cases are ever brought to trial about the kidnappings. EE:Establishing Evidence: No matter what happens that could potentially count as breaking the law, doesn’t get brought to trial because of the little law enforcement. So many people are used to saying it’s a tradition to make it seem more okay when in reality, makes thousands of women suffer. E:Evidence: According to The New York Times, “Four days after the sister of one of Mr. Kleinbach’s students was kidnapped a few years ago, her body was found in a river. The family that abducted her was never charged with murder.”(Smith) In the same article by The New York TImes, Smith also expressed that “... a family mourns a daughter who hanged herself after being kidnapped; they too were unsuccessful in bringing the abductors to trial.” A:Analysis: If someone were to hold back information about another person’s death, they’d be immediately charged, yet why didn’t the family who kidnapped these innocent women get charged with anything? She was the beloved daughter of a family, a family who is now filled with grief, they deserved to have gotten justice for their young 20 year old daughter. She was still looking forward to finish school and to create a future for herself, yet that got all taken away when she was kidnapped. This only supports the fact that no matter how devastating a death

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