Argumentative Essay: Gps Vs. 1 Skipping School

GPS tracking devices are a tremendous and astounding way to stop kids from being late to class. We as a community want our kids to succeed and get the best possible education that they can receive. On the other hand, opponents argue that making kids carry around something that tracks them seems a little bit extreme because it makes them seem like common criminals. In addition, they argue that the cost of the GPS device in incredibility expensive. However, I disagree. According to Miller Sylvan, regional director for AIM Truancy Solutions, the GPS devices are generally around $300 -400, which is paid by a state grant. Also, each school loses about $35 per day for each absent student, the program and the devices can pay for itself and more, if students come to class every day. Moreover, kids who carry phones are tracked by the government, regardless if they know or not. In addition, Juan Cruz a …show more content…
Skipping school is most likely to happen to students in high school because of the frustration and anxiety of work and peer pressure. I can relate to this idea, in High school. One day I was pressured by one of my best friends, Derrick, a boy who was known for skipping school. My friend Derrick asked me to skip school with him because the work was too hard and no one would even know we were gone. At first I was convinced, I was convinced because he said we could potentially make a lot of money, but I was so confident in myself, I denied his request. As a result of that, I lost one of my closest friends ever, but it was worth it because he got caught by the police. During the recent years, over 62,000 students are skipping school each and every day which sums up to 22.6 million kids a year! The idea of skipping school is obviously increasing because of peer pressure among teens. As police Investigator Armando Pardo states “letting kids skip school without a valid reason is, in fact, a

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