Rhetorical Analysis: The 2016 Toyota Prius

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As pollution continues to fill the atmosphere, many Americans are looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint. One way to do this is through the car they drive. However, Americans are often forced to choose between performance and fuel efficiency. Most Americans choose the first of the two options. However, during the 2016 Super Bowl, Toyota aired a commercial that showed a car that is both powerful and fuel efficient. That car is the 2016 Toyota Prius. The commercial shows four bank robbers escaping in the new Toyota Prius and eluding authorities for miles. The goal of Toyota is to create a memorable commercial that disproves the stereotypical view of the Prius as a slow car, but instead showcases it as a powerful yet environmentally …show more content…
By emphasizing the practicality of the features rather than the car’s appearance, viewers are able to see the car’s capabilities, which will entice them to buy it. After many miles, the audience sees that the police cars have to refuel (0:56) before continuing their chase. However, the Prius does not need to be refueled and it keeps driving. The audience is impressed by the Prius’s long travel range on one tank of gas. They see how this can be convenient for long road trips as shown in the commercial with the change from urban to rural scenery. By seeing the practicality of this feature, the audience is more likely to buy a Prius. Another aspect that the commercial shows is the Pre-Collision System. In the commercial, the driver accidently falls asleep while driving and almost runs into a bunch of police cars (1:14). When the audience sees this part of the commercial, they get scared because they think that the Prius might crash into the police cars causing lots of injuries. However, the car’s automatic braking component fortunately stops them before the accident. By seeing this, the audience sees the practicality of the Pre-Collision System and its importance making them more likely to buy the Prius. In addition, the commercial demonstrates the quietness and compactness of the Prius. The car is able to sneak past a police blockade (1:22) because of its

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