Are We Too Dependent On Technology Essay

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Back in the, day technology was not about the new systems, games, phones, anything new related to technology. People would rather have a great imagination, play outside; they would go to the extra mile to have fun. Nowadays, people see kids having fun by reaching into their mom’s purse and get their phones or iPads and to play games on it. The older generation didn’t have such inventions such as game consoles, phones, laptops, social media or television; now they think that the new generation are becoming too dependent on technology.
When does technology become too much for society? Technology was essentially made to create an ease, so people would have leisure time. However people are too consumed by their own technology. People pay more attention to those with the new trends like the latest game, phone, or television show, and new social media. In the article “Are you Distracted by Technology” a user who goes by Harshul on June 5, 2015 comments “yes I have been distracted a lot by technology because of Facebook, Xbox, tablet, etc. They distract me a lot
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These help the improvement of the world. Even though the world is advancing it may be advancing a bit too fast. The advances of technology quickly causes the generation to swiftly adapt to such change. Yet remember quick change isn’t always that great. As well technology is taking over people’s lives sooner or later people won’t even need phones they might be embedded into their bodies or something as such. In the article “Are We Teaching Kids To Be Too Dependent on Technology” it askes some question that are honestly intriguing these questions are: “If the computer breaks, will children not know how to write with a pencil? And If e-books are taken out of the classroom, will children no longer know how to read in a traditional text?” these questions may seem silly but are in fact reasonable to

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