Are Violent Video Games Safe? Essay

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Are Violent Video Games Safe to Play?

Violent video games have a negative effect on our community both children and adults. Over a period of time violent video games can influence people to become more aggressive. After playing for long periods of time day-after-day, they can become an addiction. Addiction symptoms may include a common characteristic we see in teenagers today, social awkwardness (social isolation). This research paper will help inform our community of the dangers and the disadvantages of play violent video games.
Children are becoming more aggressive from the influence of violent video games. Video games are affecting 90 percent of children in the United States. They are spending up to 13 hours or more per week (CNN). With the amount of hours that children are putting into their games it is suggested that the violence in these games is making them become more aggressive in real life. To support this claim, there was a study done on age groups of children. Group one was 181 Japanese students that were varied from 12 to 15. Group two was 1,050 Japanese students from the ages of 13 to 18. Last was the third group 364 students from the U.S. whose ages were from 9 to 12. Each student was asked to rate themselves on their behavior, but the students were also rated by their peers on their behavior. After they were done with the experiment they had noticed that the students who were exposed to the video game violence became more aggressive as time…

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