Essay on Application For Federal Student Aid Calculator

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Imagine a student who wanted to go to her dream college. She spent nearly every waking second of her high school career doing homework, and sleep was placed on the back-burner in order to have more time to study for tests such as the ACT and SAT. Fortunately, she is accepted into her dream college; however, she receives no grants and only $2,000 in loans. Her parents, an elementary school teacher and high school headmaster, are required to pay the additional costs of college – $58,000, nearly triple what the Free Application for Federal Student Aid calculator estimated. This is the story of Katie Hutchins, a Georgia high school senior, who had to pass on the opportunity of studying pre-med at the University of California, simply because she could not afford the expensive college. Hutchins is not the only high school student who had to reject his or her dream college due to a lack of money (Fox). Twelve percent of young adults do not attend college, and approximately two-thirds of these adults state they did not go to college because it was unaffordable (Klein). Furthermore, nearly seventy-one percent of college graduates are in debt following their four years in college (“11”). In the Class of 2013 alone, the majority of graduates were left with an average debt of $28,400, but as the price of college increases, this number is likely to skyrocket too (Bidwell). No doubt, education is one of the most important steps in achieving a successful life, and nearly all developed…

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