Anthony And Lucia's Addiction: A Short Story

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A beautiful Friday evening after school, just at two weeks away for summer, Anthony and Lucia were singing through the freeway in their way to the beach. They were very happy because they passed their AWP exam and were talking about what they wanted to do all summer long. Out of nowhere a trailer comes and hits the car throwing Anthony and Lucia into a ravine. Both were unconscious, Anthony open his eyes but was dizzy looking at a koala observing him. Then Anthony wakes up and sees Lucia unconscious trying to wake her up he feels something watching him, every move he made, someone was there observing him. He did not feel good vibes at all.
Finally Lucia wakes up and the sky was as dark as the galaxy, she could not see anything, there was a strange odor, she felt that were she was it was very rough and uncomfortable, they heard a lot of noises that were coming towards them, there was no light and hardly could see Anthony, including still the bad vibe was around. Lucia started screaming, “HELP!! HELP US!! HELP!! HELP US PLEASE”. At the middle of the night both scared, all hurt and very hungry they could literally eat a full cow. Then a light comes towards them
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So the Koala told them, “It is okay, it is the fastest way to get up to the freeway”. So Anthony and Lucia just gave looks at each other. They got to a dark place and the Koala disappeared. Then Anthony and Lucia get pushed to a hole. They were all confused of what was going on and the Koala had them there like animals threatened in the hole. Then Anthony and Lucia stayed to look for a way to get out of there so they started walking and got to a whole new world. It was a weird world. Koalas talking and a colorful city everything seemed happy but intense. They were forced to live the way those Koala’s

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