Argumentative Essay: Does Homework Helpful?

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“Go home tonight and don’t do any homework,” the teacher facetiously remarked. The crazy sounding statement is surprisingly accurate and could help students in the long run. Recent studies demonstrate that homework is not beneficial to the success of scholars. Students are more likely to thrive without the access work saved for home. Homework is a waste of time and does not demonstrate accurate representations of students hard work. Homework is shown to cause lack of sleep and deteriorate one’s health thus, providing no benefits in the long run.
Homework causes a lack of sleep and deteriorates one’s health rather than benefiting academically. Primarily, sleep deprivation is a result of homework overloads. According to Anne-Sophie Kim’s article,
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To begin, in the article “Is Homework Helpful?. The Five Questions Every Teacher Should Ask,” by AP Literature teacher Brian Sztabnik, according to the National PTA, a recommended amount of homework starts at 10 minutes per night in first grade, and adds 10 more minutes to each grade. By 12th grade, 120 minutes is a reasonable and judicious amount. These days, students are given way more than they should be given, leading to loss of interest. Some current ninth graders are getting more than 120 minutes of homework, when they should only be assigned 90. The overload of homework discourages students from completing assignments. Many students no longer want to learn because of how much work is assigned for home. Students should be encouraged to learn, not pounded with homework. In addition, based on the article “The Truth About Homework,” by Alfie Kohn, an abundance of practice helps students remember the answer, but does not get students accustomed to thinking about the topic. Homework helps memorization, but doesn’t benefit or teach students the actual topic. Many students cram for tests and forget the next day. Or, they do one problem and don’t know how to do another using the same concepts because they are so accustomed to particular problems. Technically speaking, the amount of homework given doesn’t matter in the long run. According to Kohn, the amount of homework does not correlate with test scores. More often than not, homework associates with negative attitudes of the people who receive more (Truth). Negative attitudes cause students to not finish their homework, and receive absolutely no benefit. It does not matter how much homework a teacher gives a student, because it is proven it doesn’t help with tests. Students would benefit more with less homework so they aren’t wasting time. Sztabnik, brings up that students in Finland are given about a half an hour of

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