Anna Landed And The First Thing Essay

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Anna landed in Finland and the first thing she did was find groceries, the weather was starting to cool and she knew that the winter would be right around the corner. After stocking her house with plenty of food she called her in laws who were house sitting. Her mother in law was worried to see her home so soon, but Anna told her everything was fine. She wasn’t sure what was going on in her relationship and she wasn’t going to make any assumptions until she spoke to her husband. Perttu hadn’t returned her calls and she didn’t know whether to call him or not and so she didn’t.

For the first few days she found herself wandering about their home, looking at pictures and reliving old memories. Her marriage couldn’t be over, this wasn’t the beginning of the end, and she wanted so desperately to believe that. By the third day she’d given up all thoughts pertaining to Perttu, there was nothing she could do about the situation while he was traveling and ignoring her calls. Her trip home was to focus on herself and that’s what she intended on doing. One morning after breakfast she went to the attic to find her violin and finally found it tucked away in a box. “Oh my sweetheart, how I’ve missed you” she cooed.

In her living room she tuned the instrument and picked up the bow, playing a few notes to get used to it again. Soon she was playing songs from memory, song’s she’d written when she’d had time. Now she had all the time in the world to compose music. Her phone rang and she…

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