Animal Cruelty Should Be Punished By Law Essay

1416 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
Animals are in and out of our everyday lives, some are used for more traditional purpose while others are just mere companions to keep us company. In most cases, people treat animals as if they were humans, while in others they are neglected, physically abused, etc. Sometimes, this cruelty to animals results in punishment by law, but in other times it is dismissed or not even looked at seriously. This raises the question about animal cruelty, should animal cruelty be punished by law? or is it simply something the law should keep its hands out of? Both sides of the argument present themselves with information that supports their claim. By taking accounts from both sides, one can figure out for themselves whether animal cruelty is problematic enough to be punished by law, or if it is irrelevant for people to consider that an option. For the side that is against animal cruelty, they state that animal cruelty is morally, and ethically wrong, due to the fact that animals are living, breathing creatures that deserves just as good a life as a human. This side believes that although animals are not humans, the very fact that they experience life that they should live one without neglect, abuse, and general cruelty. This argument comes up on many accounts, such as domestic cruelty and Livestock cruelty. Since a lot of people keep domestic pets as companions, people believe that it is only natural that they nurture and sustain the life of their “companion”.Other’s keep pets as…

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