Ethical Argument In Animal Welfare

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Register to read the introduction… Many people concern on what is right and wrong for animal treatment. These arguments are a major issue because many different views and beliefs of people reflect on them. Manly fighting and understanding who has the right over animals is the major concept. Since animals can not speak and choose for their own actions, many people believe that a truthful owner should have the say on what is right for their animal through their beliefs. No matter what regulations are set both sides of the argument will never be satisfied on how humans treat animals. Many show that a major issue in animal welfare should be solved by vegetarianism and not torture animals to get their meat. As Freeman argues, “animals used for food in the United States are commonly treated like unfeeling tools of production, rather than living, feeling animals,” (Freeman 170). Many feel the need to reduce meat because of animal cruelty, and not because of the welfare of the …show more content…
Since animal welfare is a recent subject the laws and legislation are more difficult to regulate. However, the government will still set protection laws. Laws that are set for laboratory testing are more difficult because there are equal amounts that agree and disagree that animals should be used. Yet government legislation is still enforced to try to control the use of Laboratory testing. The only federal law in the United State is the Animal Welfare Act. Since animal welfare is a newer subject, legislation is difficult because different arguments and views will be brought …show more content…
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