Animal Cruelty in Slaughter Houses Essay

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What are currently the poor conditions for animals in the American slaughterhouses, what are the causes of these conditions, and what are the best methods for preventing slaughterhouse cruelty?

The conditions for animals in modern slaughterhouses are unsanitary and violent. The lack of rules and regulations cause animals to be treated poorly because this industry is focused on mass production and profit rather than finding a more humane alternative to run the meat packing business. The most effective method to stop this cruelty is to learn about where meat comes from, start supporting the organic and family farms which will ultimately lead to the reducing the amount of animals that have to suffer.

Millions of animals
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Family farms are small farms that use more humane ways of raising animals for food. The living quarters are in much better condition than what would be found in a factory farm, the animals are treated with more respect and they are allowed to live more like average animals ( They’re allowed to roam free, reproduce naturally, and eat as they please. By making these small changes people can make a huge difference for millions of animals nation wide.

When talking about modern farming, the president of the Animal Industry Foundation, Steve Kopperud says, “Animal agriculture is definitely two things, and for some, they may first appear to be contradictory. First, U.S livestock and poultry producers are the best in the world, the model by which other industrialized and developing countries pattern their industries, Second, there is, and likely always will be, room for improvement” (Opposing Viewpoints). Kopperud explains how the “system” works by talking about how a farmer does not prosper if his animals does not prosper, therefore, a farmer wants a high quality product to sell for a high quality price. If farmers abused animals and allowed them to live in environments that were killing them, there would be more animals that died, than animals that were being sold. Farmers would not be making money. He goes on to say, “To paint an entire industry with a brush dipped in the sins of one, or even a handful of producers, its

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