Analyzing Emily Dickinson 's Poetry And Using Proper Turabian

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“What does your vanilla ice cream taste like?” he asked. Dumbfounded, I responded with the only reply I could think of that wouldn’t get me fired, “ tastes like vanilla bean. Would you like a sample, sir?” He responded, however, exactly as I had hoped he wouldn’t, “No, I don’t want a sample. I just really want to know what it tastes like.” What in my life could have prepared me for a fully-grown, English speaking man asking me what vanilla tastes like? My high school certainly hadn’t taught a class on “How to Interact with Idiotic Customers”. In fact, high school hardly prepared me for my time working. Surprisingly enough, analyzing Emily Dickinson’s poetry and using proper Turabian formatting did not come up in the interview. Instead, I found myself drawing almost entirely from experiences outside of my school life in order to help me succeed. Although high school helped to foster my intellectual and self development, my job scooping ice cream taught me far more about being an adult because it brought me into the real world for the first time. For my first day of work, my boss scheduled me to work 1-5pm on a Saturday - peak time for an ice cream shop. Furthermore, the store, Humphry Slocombe, stands among the most popular ice cream stores in the Bay Area and continues to receive critical acclaim. The location I worked at also happens to be located in the Ferry Building, one of the most famous tourist locations in San Francisco. Consequently, I, a freshly…

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